Sunday, 2 December 2007

What's going on Klashnekoff?

This was reported in NME last week:

Pete Doherty is a quarter of the way through recording his debut solo album and plans to release it next summer, NME.COM can exclusively reveal...South London band The Thirst, who visited Doherty at his Wiltshire home to demo with him, will also contribute, along with London rapper Klashnekoff.

This appeared in The Guardian in March and is a quote from Klashnekoff:

"Why does this system promote people like Plan B, Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty?" he asks. "Plan B was on the cover of RWD magazine stabbin' himself with a pencil and blood comin' out of his face. Amy Winehouse talks about how her dad wanted to send her to rehab but she said, 'No, no, no'. Pete Doherty gets mad press for f**kin' smokin' heroin and bustin' cases. But when I rap about s**t that's real to me, mo'f**kers say I'm a thugged-out rapper or I'm tryin' to be aggy [aggressive]. I'm tellin' real-life stories!"

Is K-lash wanting to buy into Pete's press? Or does he just have an open mind? If the latter is the case then why has he apparently forgotten his old feelings and thoughts? I suppose people can change their opinions but I guess the question is: What has made him change his mind?

As Blackalicious are currently saying right now: "Don't let money change you".

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