Tuesday, 4 December 2007

The Building Aint Big Enough

Me: There's a rapper called Kel Spencer who has a single out today.
You: What's up with all these 'real name no gimmick' MC's at the moment?
Me: I know. But this MC isn't actually called Kel.
You: So what's this Kel Spencer like? Is she good?
Me: It's a bloke, he's alright actually. He Co-wrote/ghost-wrote Switch by Will Smith.
You: Oh, I remember that track. It was pretty big in the charts and the clubs and that. But that's not exactly a good thing is it? I mean...Will Smith?
Me: Well, no. But this dude does obviously have the knack for writing a attention grabbing smash hit and it means he's sold a good few records!
You: So has he done anything a little more credible? Y'know, something I can be down with?
Me: Yeah fo' sho. He was on Jazzy Jeff's latest album on a track called 'The Definition'. Jazzy Jeff also said he's "The best rapper you've never heard of" and DJ Premier stated "Kel Spencer is Hip Hop". Can't mess with Premo can ya?
You: Oh. No.

'The Building' is definitely a club banger right down to the fact he's talking about being in a club. This track could easily be played alongside 'Pump it Up' by Joe Budden, 'Right Thurr' by Chingy and 'Tipsy' by J-Kwon. Make of that what you will. The track revolves around a Lil' Jon style chorus (the title of this post), a bassy kick andsome synthy claps.

Kel employs a funny little way of pronouncing his rhyming words ("I'ma turn it ud der du up//I'ma stutter der du der//See me push that whip through the hood der du der") that will have loads of girls drunkenly trying to imitate when it comes on. Spencer is on a 'this-is-how-great-I-am' trip here so expect to hear him compare himself to a pair of fancy kicks ("Im the latest edition, Limited der du der") amongst other such braggadocious metaphors.

By now the conversation between me and you is probably something like this:

You: But...you don't usually like this sort of music.
Me: No, I don't but you must understand this is a club track and it's a good club track. I mean, most clubs aren't gonna be playing Jehst or Braintax at their Hip Hop/R'n'B nights. No, those nights are made for music like this and therefore this music has it's place.
You: OK then, you have a point. I'm not going to deny I've never been on a night out to a place like that so I wont argue anymore!

Will Smith - Switch

Kel Spencer - The Building

DJ Jazzy Jeff - The Definition ft. Kel Spencer

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