Thursday, 24 June 2010

WTF!?/Dead Prez/Shy FX/Get Cape.Wear Cape.Fly

This isn't a Dubstep or D'n'B blog but if it was this is what I'd be posting. Adam F and DJ Fresh have come together once more to form WTF!? and they've only gone and remixed one of Hip Hop's biggest anthems - 'Hip Hop' by Dead Prez. Dead Prez loved this one so much that they recorded new vocals for it and everything and requested that this remix be a part of their live show. These two knew what they were doing with D'n'B, produced some pretty cool Hip Hop stuff and now have the Dubstep sound on lock - what can't they do? Could only find this video but I got the promo CD today - big, big tune!

The other thing, and also D'n'B flavoured by the spices of Shy FX is Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly's latest track 'Collapsing Cities'. This track is pure summery and reminds me a bit of Gorillaz - y'know, singy songs with more Hip Hop/D'n'B beats. Love this one and am gonna be playing this a lot this summer. Click here to listen to the full track.

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Rory - Stilltown said...

Wow... this is actually dope