Thursday, 19 August 2010

'The Nuts' - Red (album review)

Whilst nursing the newborn to sleep on my chest this afternoon I flicked through my 'Albums to Review' ipod playlist and found this absolute gem - perfect for the occasion.

Some of you may remember Red from the videos of him creating music live using various pieces of equipment and now he's signed to First Word Records and has this album out for you to buy: 'The Nuts'.

Lovingly crafted in a sibling mould to Hip Hop this is instrumental music that goes places most beat-based tunes don't. Reminding me of Aim, albeit with a few up-to-date, modern twists, Red's music is for those moments when you can really tune in to what he's created. Having said this, if background music is what's needed you couldn't go far wrong either and I dare say this would sound fresh playing loud through your finest hifi system.

With a large and colourful palette of samples Red brings together found sounds with expertly played synths and perfectly programmed drums to produce some truly memorable and returnable-to music.

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