Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Conscious Route & Werd - Nowadays E.P. (Free Download)

Conscious Route is a rapper, poet and singer-songwriter. Born in London, he grew up in Herefordshire near Cambridge before more moving to Edinburgh, where he is now based. Creating a wind range of music, whilst bringing raw energy to many stages throughout the UK, you cannot set Conscious in one category. His talents find fans in many genres of music.

Werd is one of Scotland’s most well known hip hop acts, respected throughout the local scene and also pushing towards bigger things with his high work rate and passion for new music in Scotland. Winner of Urban Recording of the year 2011 and owner of Sons of Scotland publishing located in Edinburgh. Werd lives and breathes for making music, his debut album is expected early 2012.

Intertwining rhymes and beats, we bring you the ‘Nowadays EP’ released via Sons of Scotland (SOS) and Conscious Collaboration Front (CCF) on 6th December 2011. Promotional Use Only. Production from Kieran Michael Wishart, Sea Bass, Stephen Moir + More. Features from Wardie Burns, Jordan Butler and Deeko.


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