Saturday, 24 November 2007

Everybody loves Beirut, but is Beirut the same as Beirut?

This is so hilarious...well I think it is anyway. I posted ONE Beirut remix of Jay-Z and now people keep coming to my page after searching for Beirut. Thing is, I don't even know if this is the same Beirut as the manically hyped band by that samename. Do you know what? I don't care either! If it is then good, if it isn't then good. See I'm indifferent.

This has made me realised something. If you are a blogger and you are registered on a certain popular aggregator and you want hits all you must do is read that list of most searched and popular artists and post them. Seriously, there can't be that many people out there who only want to hear those artists. It's weird. I'm going to experiment by posting stuff related to those artists. The visitors won't care, they won't read this. They won't care they are part of a cruel investigation into their fickleness. Hahaha.

The Notorious BIG - Young Gs (Beirut Remix).mp3
Clipse - Wamp Wamp ft. Slim Thug (Beirut Remix).mp3
Young Buck - 3 Kings ft. T.I. & Young Jeezy (Beirut remix).mp3

Or go here to download the whole remixes 2 album.

OK so I did care a little bit, it's not the band it's a guy who really needs his own production album with top rappers all over it and here is his myspace page.


Anonymous said...

ohhh man, thank you so much.
any chance of a volume I post?

Kris said...

I read enough of the summary on a "certain popular aggregator" to guess what was going on, and I have to say I'm intrigued... does simply posting a few tracks with magical buzzwords initiate server meltdown from sheer number of visitors from the search pages?

Hunk The Drunk said...
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Hunk The Drunk said...


Hunk The Drunk said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Well I read your post, and I think you're a schmuck. Interrupt my playlist so you can get off on site hits? congrats

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