Wednesday, 5 May 2010

emceeKilla Interview

"I think with whoever gets in power, we will still be in a war, the economy will still be down and slowly picking up, our taxes will be raised and the poor will still be hit the hardest. All views aside I would like to see Liberal Democrats get the vote just to give them a chance, what have we got to lose?"

Politically-minded MC emceeKilla featured on the very first volume of 'On The Radar'. Since then he's gone on to release his debut album 'Mind Of A Tehranist'. I was reading his blog and realised that he had a lot to say, and people with things to say get interviews:

Certified Banger: For those who haven’t heard your music; introduce yourself and describe your music:

emceeKilla: I’m emceeKilla; a rapper originally from North London but have lived in the sticks and Nottingham too over the years. My music is conscious, deep and heartfelt and focuses on the reality of social pressures and political issues and many other types of high rank buggery. I am versatile though and do like to move away from that when I can and want to.

CB: What inspires you to write and record?

eK: Everyday situations are the main thing that inspire me; anything that I feel is interesting to rap about I tend to rap about. I’m not really a materialistic person so fashion and jewellery aren’t things that inspire me to write - I write a lot more about the ups and downs of the life we lead whether it be through my eyes or another person’s. My surroundings also play a big part, I live in the city and gain a lot of inspiration from just witnessing things walking down the road but also have people in the countryside I see which again inspires me to write as things are seen from a totally different perspective there. Beats are also a great inspiration.

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