Monday, 3 May 2010

'Prolusion Plus' - Delusionists (review)

Delusionists have swollen their portfolio since they released 'The Prolusion'. Now it's back; bigger and better than before - kinda like Hercules' Hydra (and if you don't know Greek mythology - bone up).

'Prolusion Plus' adds 6 tracks to the original release, omits 1 weak link and contains remixes of a couple of the original tunes (which I reviewed way back when).

Opener 'Who's That?' benefits from an alternative beat before a new banger from the boys and Jon Phonics kicks in: 'Digital Connects' is a celebration of Hip Hop's online community and with lyrics like "Oh Word? you never heard the fly chatter of a bonafide nutter on the Certified Banger?" you know you need this in your life. Love this track - salutations to all those who get mentioned beside me.

Old favourite, and the track that did a lot for them on the interweb, 'Trunk Rattle' is up next followed by 'The Low' which premièred on the 'On The Radar Vol. 5'. Kelakovski lends his signature production sound on the operatically chorused '12 Letters' - this, along with the Jon Phonics track, is a great new sound for Delusionists.

'Work' is a gloriously hazy instrumental track which updates the famous 90s Hip Hop sound and they've added the Slim Pickens produced 'The Movement' to the package. Tom Caruana comes up with a remix of 'Supa Lyrical Excursion pt. 2' which is as dope as you'd want it to be. They've also thrown in Ed Strong's minimalistic spaced-out remix of 'On The Radar' exclusive 'Parallel Worldz' (check the other remixes here).

Are Delusionists the mystery saviours of real Hip Hop from the UK? It's a very strong possibility. All in all this is a terrific new package of music, perfect for Delusionists beginners and fans alike. The download is only £4 and for a beautifully crafted CD version it's only going to set you back £6. Even better, since you read about this here, if you type in CBFAM when asked for a promotional code on the download, you'll get 25% percent off! How's that for goodness? Click here to be whisked away to the magical, mythical place where all this purchasing can happen.

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