Saturday, 4 June 2011

Longevity - 'Tantrum/Posse Cut' (single review)

Now, Longevity is not a name I know, but then, I've not been taking much notice of late. Apparently he's a producer and rapper who has not until now unleashed the latter on the public. Now we all know the outcome of that course of action is not a foregone conclusion - some are good, some are bad.

Longevity is good. He comes with so much confidence and finesse that you'd be forgiven if you thought you were listening to a veteran of the game - seriously.

'Tantrum' is designed as an anthem and it pretty much hits the mark. It contains elements of the old school (the drum break and James Brown's guttural noises) as well as some new school type bass (not a bass line as such) and some Indian sounding stringed instrument.

'Tantrum' is great track, not that keen on 'Posse Cut' featuring Aceyalone amongst others although the production is good.

'Tantrum' is released on Decon on 11th July 2011.

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