Saturday, 4 June 2011

Pusha T - 'My God' (single review)

With Malice becoming a Christian you'd expect this track, from the title at least, to be coming from him. But it's not, this is Pusha T's offering, the latest in his string of 'god' branded releases. On closer listen (and after a cheeky inspection of the lyrics) it's clear that Pusha T isn't referring to God, but to himself, or at least his flow, as god: "There be no waiting, I have no patience, This is the end of all my unrecognized greatness, I’m here now n-gger pardon my lateness, You can hear in every bar and every cadence, Yeah, it’s the new God flow aint it?".

Pretty good lyrics actually. But the bars of the track have to be "I got a voodoo doll, every time I pin the verse, Not only do they say they feel it but they say it hurts". Ouch. I don't usually liken rap to poetry but the whole track is pretty poetical in that it's not explicit; it's written in street code and Pusha T's confident, laid back but forceful flow emphasis every single word.

A far as I can tell, you can get this for free at Pusha T's website, so you might as well, eh? It's official release date is 4th July 2011 on Decon.

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