Monday, 14 April 2008

We got it for Cheap - 'Lowlife is 40' & 'UK Takeover Vol. 4'

There's a bit of a Braintax track (possibly 'Monsoon Funk' off 'Panorama') where he says something about how he's mixed down half the UK classics. Well, it's true, it may be a slight underestimation when considering UK Hip Hop from at least the last 10 years.

This CD, that you can get for a ridiculously low price (59p, anyone?!) here on the wonderful Amazon marketplace features some great tracks from Braintax, Task Force, Jehst, Rodney P, Mystro, Asaviour, Kashmere, Skinnyman, Verb T and Lewis Parker. It was created to celebrate the 40th Lowlife release and it really helps to prove Joey's point although it's not an exhaustive list and there are plenty more classics where these came from. It also features what is becoming UK industry standard for packaging: Classy gatefold style cardboard, and that makes it nicer to own, OK not so good for keeping in the car if you want it to stay nice!

Whoever you are, where ever you're at, just get yourself a copy of this and enjoy. I've already copped 3 for me and my bro and my mate.

You wouldn't go far wrong either by ordering this: UK Takeover Volume 4, the soundtrack to the night. It's packed with classics ('Survival of the Hardest Working' by Blade), some personal favourites of mine (Baby J's 'Let it Go remix' and 'So You Want More' by Ty and Roots Manuva')and other tracks by great UK MC's (Yungun, Estelle etc) . You can pick this up for around the 50p mark too, awesome!


D:Bo said...

Are you on a commission?

Aidan said...

No, but Amazon, Holla at me...I can offer you good rates.

Nah just thought, there's no excuse for not buying and hearing a bit of UKHH when you can get it for pennies.