Wednesday, 15 October 2008

'Fun DMC' - People Under The Stairs (album review)

In a rare moment of sitting down and listening to a full album that I chose to listen to (as opposed to all the ones I'm obliged to review - many of which I do want to listen to) I managed to check out 'Fun DMC', the new album by People Under The Stairs.

Now I've not been on much of their past material although I'm pretty sure I like it but seeing the title of this made me want to listen to it. And I wasn't dissapointed. It does pretty much what it says on the tin. The cover really sums up the feel of the album - it is chilled out, summertime music as advertised on a South Central telegraph pole.

PUTS have saluted a whole ton of old school 90's and 80's Hip Hop sounds - disco, funk and soul recieving the bulk of the nods. In fact the songs sound so 'Golden Era' that it's actually a shock to the system when they mention new fangled things like ipods and myspace. In my books, that's a good thing. It's modern old school... and it came out a couple of months too late. Ah well, I'll get it out again next summer and meanwhile I'll bump it to bring the sun to my wintery life.

Here's an mp3 for you nto check out, it's the title track and if you go to the website you can type-diddy-type-tee-type-type-t-type your email in a box and they'll send you the discotastic 'Anotha' (BBQ)' - it's a beast.

Get yourself a copy, it's a brilliant and fun album and it makes me smile.

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