Friday, 31 October 2008

'She Looks Good' ft. Kevin Mark Trail - L.Star & Tweetie (single review)

What do you do once you’ve plundered one of the biggest pop songs in history in order to get a hit? You draft in a slightly jaded R’n’B singer and go for the jugular of Ironik’s target audience. You also add said Eurythmics-sampling track into the package. I’m talking about L.Star & Tweetie’s latest track ‘She Looks Good’ featuring Kevin Mark Trail.

Apparently they “deliver a combination of bouncy basslines, manipulating melodies, poignant punchlines and cheeky comedy, that only they can get away with.” Read it as such: “They deliver a mish-mash of no basslines, boring piano loops, awful chat-up lines and disgustingly clichéd lyrics that you will not let them get away with.”

Maybe the bouncy basslines come on the second track; some kind of remix (imaginatively entitled ‘bassline remix’) which might be half decent if it wasn’t for the whack lyrics and orgasm sounds littered all over it. The third track is ‘Street Dreamz’, probably the one featuring Skinnyman and Flirta D but I couldn’t be bothered to listen to it.

‘Doin It’ (the name of their T shirt brand, which take about 2 months to come if you order one) jacks some UK garage two-step beats last heard probably on Craig David’s debut with Artful Dodger. In short, their half sung/half rapped, unintentional impressions of everyone from Sean Paul to Eminem leave me with the conclusion that they are most certainly not ‘Doin it’. Unless ‘it’ is missing a two-letter prefix.

If you do want a copy, then you’ll have to wait until 8th December when it’s being distributed by Real Records. Poor misguided, mis-named people.

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