Saturday, 4 October 2008

Reviews Coming Up @ Certified Banger

Yo! My postie has been a busy man over the last week or so (and so has my virtual postie) and I've got millions of CD's and tracks and things to review. Let me give you a list so you know what to look forward to:

Sway - 'The Signature LP'
Skreintax - 'Scene Stealers'
Illustrate - 'The Stuff'
Rhyme Asylum - 'State of Lunacy'
TB - 'The Beast From The East'
M9 - '144,000'
Chronic Redeye - 'Knowledge is King'
Geejay - 'I Came To Represent'
Dap-C - 'Street Karma' Presents 'Top Selectors'
Occupy Your Mind Records Presents 'Grime'
Evil Ed & Conspicuous - 'The Get Together'
Jazz T - 'All City Kings'
Wordsmith - 'They Don't Seem To Care' EP
The Mantis Chapter - 'Graveyard Poets' EP

So check back regularly, add me to your reader feeder or whatever to find out what's going to be worth listening to out of this little lot!

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