Tuesday, 23 February 2010

'Civil Unrest EP' - Genesis Elijah & Beezwax (review)

EPs might be the way forward - a bite size slice of music for your lunch break. Genesis Elijah and Beezwax bring a perfect snack for Hip Hop heads with their 'Civil Unrest' EP. On a Hip Hop base Beezwax lays down toppings of Dub, Reggae and Grime with mainly synth-based flavours. Each track has something in common with another making this a nice, cohesive package.

Lyrically and stylistically Genesis Elijah has matured greatly since some of his earlier material with tighter flows and a real sense of rhyme construction. With a political agenda this MC has something to say beyond the usual claptrap rap that we're used to and using traditional Reggae language and original concepts (especially 'Bellyfull') he makes this release a winner. Buy it now at itunes.

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