Monday, 1 February 2010

Diversion Tactics Interview

"We make hip hop, it’s not local and the drums smack."

If you hadn't heard, Diversion Tactics are back with their album 'Careful on the Way Up'. Zygote, Jazz T and Chubby took time to answer my questions about the LP, the label and life:

Certified Banger: Whasup? Let’s begin with introductions: Who are you all and what part do you play in the Diversion Tactics machine?

Chubby: Frontman. Emcee. Recovering alcoholic.

Jazz T: Deejay. Producer. Promoter

Zygote: Producer, Engineer, Deejay

CB: Tell us about your new album. How would you compare it to your first album? What did you want to achieve with this release?

Jazz T: We toured hard off the first album so it was time to drop the new ish. Some of the tracks were performed live over the years anyway. As me and Zy had done our solo projects we all wanted to create another D.T. classic.

Chubby: It's a testament to keep doing your thing, making music your way and staying true to the culture. A little nudge to those that were full of it and ahead of themselves when we came up and ain't about no more. We got to remind people we still here in spite of all the Boot releases from the last eight years. We grown up. The music grown up. And still we proceed.

Zygote: The first album was sort of 15 years in the making; it was a lot of stuff we had to get off our chests. The new album has hints of the style of the first but also hints of maybe where we are going as well as where we are from.

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