Thursday, 18 February 2010

Gen Interview

"I’d do a track with Alexandra Burke, she’s soulful enough to get a good track out of me."

Certified Banger: Whatup Gen – this has been a long time coming – apologies for that!

GEN: I know man everyone’s making moves though, ennit?!

CB: You’re as yet, relatively unknown on the scene – introduce us to yourself and give us all that us Hip Hop heads need to know:

GEN: My names Gen, or Gen Uchiha. Born in Huddersfield, Raised in Wolverhampton, I’m a Hip Hop Poet, and Artist/Animator. I’m into anything everyone isn’t.

CB: Why the name Gen?

GEN: Got the name when I’d taken a break from recording music and thought it was time to reconstruct myself. As I was doing it I was reading about meanings for Japanese different words and different symbols and came across “Gen” which is “Foundation” like a beginning for many different words and meanings.

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