Friday, 19 November 2010

'Benny Huge' - Dr. Syntax (album review)

Whilst the world's Hip Hop fans eagerly await Dr. Dre's long-awaited 'Detox', a few more in-the-know heads will be waiting for the UK's own doctor to drop his next LP. Dr. Syntax's 'Benny Huge' is on its way and it's one that all music fans should check out.

With a futuristic sound, mainly courtesy of Pete Cannon, and a comedic take on day-to-day (night) life, Dr. Syntax has created a very entertaining album. With an impeccable flow, hilarious punchlines and that semi-melodic rap style, Doc Synners really does deserve your hard earned.

'Jump Up!' is one of those tracks that you'd love to hear on a night out - it's one of those songs that tells you what to do and is definitely in the vein of Humpty Hump. Which is exactly what I thought on first listen; and then I heard Dr. Syntax mention the large-nosed one on 'This Fresh' - weird, but on the money. Sytax still has what it takes when it comes to story telling ('Cock Block') whilst holding it down on concept tracks ('Number One'). Topic of the hour seems to be the daily grind of everyday life and work ('Stress', 'Hire Me') combined with tales of the weekend (as demonstrated on the awesome D'n'B-laced 'There's Got To Be More'). Not that this MC can't put across a serious message, albeit in a rather tongue-in-cheek manner ('Big Business'). Oh yeah, and just so you don't got bored (not a chance of that anyway), Mr. Huge also nonchalantly throws in a bit of double-time, just 'cause he can ('Benny Huge').

'The Bird Has Flown' switches up the mood once more, and rounds things off perfectly, leaving the listener wondering if there was a bad track on the album they've just heard. No, there's not. The alvum is out 6th December, so you don't have to wait long. One of the best releases this year.

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