Friday, 19 November 2010

'The Indifference Engine' - Professor Elemental (album review)

I'm a sucker for comedy rap (don't let him catch me calling it that); and it doesn't come more refined than that which Elemental purveys. This time under the Professor guise, the MC continues where he left off on 'Cup Of Brown Joy'.

Essentially what Elemental does is adopt a posh English accent in order to explore appropriate material; things that you don't hear in your everyday rap songs. But it's more than just that, if you know of Steam Punk, then just think of that, but in rap form - Steam Rap? Tom Caruana (and Herma Puma in one instance) doesn't pass up on the chance to plunder some rather jaunty sounding records in order to provide the right beats for a gentleman - making this a very rounded piece of work.

Safari, elevenses, Victorian cake-based naughtiness (involving a lady rhymer), adventure, Battenberg, fayre grounds (and much more that would concern only a real gentleman) are the order of the day here. There's even a diss song aimed fairly and squarely at one Mr. B, claiming that there is only room for one gentleman rhymer. Things could get ugly. Just because you like whichever sort of rap you like doesn't mean you shouldn't check this out - everyone's got room for a little enjoyment haven't they? Enjoyment is why Hip Hop started - let's not forget.

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