Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Abi.D - The Piss Tape

Looking to capitalise off Scribe Tribes underatted first LP 'G-Strings and Socks' AbiD releases his self produced project The Piss Tape. Described by the man himself as ''not a mixtape and not a pisstake'' the pisstape contains 21 short tracks available for free download at Zram Records Soundcloud page [HERE] and their Bandcamp page [HERE]. As youd probly excpect with so many tracks theres a couple of clangers on there but most tracks bump; the prince, gold, money, life list, D walk, Dad, cant remember and smoking are all a perfect combination of crunchy drums, simple chops and creative wordplay. AbiD has some inspired rhymes and takes a leftfield approach to social observations and his own experiances he also has some fantasy and concept songs to add to the mix. Entertaining and stacks of imagination make this free d/l worth your time....dont sleep.

AbiD ThePissTape by ZramRecords

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