Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Sons Phonetic - Twelve Labours (Review)

Sons Phonetic formerly known as Correkt Minds of Waterford in Ireland recently dropped 12 Labours.
The first thing that hits when you listen is the production handled throughout by the one and only Mook and its a treat to hear such a cohesive project,every beat is quality and joined up by his  M.C. partners Sammy Dozens, Tommy Tyler , Mouse Hughes and Kav they prove theyre no crew to be taken lightly.
After the intro things kick off with Isolation featuring irish hiphop legend RiRa, they drop bars about "flatscreen televisions in the ice cream van in front  my weed sellin business".
Another highlight is "Renaissance" where Tommy Tyler and Mook trade bars proving Mook is a beast on the mic to.
Once you hear the ominous bassline of "Domino Effect" you'll be hooked and will agree with the sentiment "Fuck the mainstream,we dwell where these estuaries run" cos this is grimey hiphop at its best,SP arent looking to crossover just to put out hiphop the way it should be and as they state on "Danger Danger" this sums up their mindstate perfectly "Danger,danger the kids with the bars are back, Dusty loops,scuffed kicks and baggy parker jacks".
My personal favourite was "Hands of Time" over a crazy piano loop and a sweeping string sample the quotables keep coming "i keep my friends close, my enemies closer,so if you think you know me well then our friendship is over".
RiRa makes another appearance on "Rhyme Style Stencil" but hes the only guest on the album apart from some cuts by Jimmy Penguin proving you dont need big name features to make a sick album.
At 12 (Labours) songs long its just perfect as every song is top quality with the mix of deep beats and high level lyricism and was also mastered by the UK's Chemo.
SP are no joke.
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