Monday, 21 March 2011

Cyrus Malachi - Native Son (video) & The Isis Papers 2 (free download)

Here's the first video from Cyrus Malachi's Ancient Future album that will drop on the 11th of April. If you've ever seen anything from Cyrus, Triple Darkness, M9, Orphans of Cush, etc previously, then you know full well what to expect. Black and white vid, thumping drums, and dark tales of society's ills. The album, by the way, is excellent, and is comfortably to best material that Cyrus Malachi has been involved with to date, so cop that when it drops. Full review soon come...

On top of this, he has dropped part 2 of his Isis Papers mixtape, to build anticipation for the album. I haven't checked this volume out yet, but I'm sure it'll be worth a listen, because:

1. Part 1 was decent,
2. The album is excellent,
3. It's free,

So get your DL on:


1) LDN Mentlity (Ft M9)
2)Scavengers Daughter (Ft Solar Black & Black prohet)
3) The Wars Of Gods And Men
4) The Colour Of Water (Ft RayVendetta & Tesla's Ghost)
5) Kamikaze (Ft Blasphemy & M9)
6) Redemption 2 (Ft neter roots & Crown Nectar)
7) 1000 Cut Torture 2 (Ft Tesla's Ghost)
8) Thugs Prayer Freestyle (Ft RayVendetta & Blasphemy)
9) Tiberian Sun (Ft VA, Blasphemy & black Prophet)
10) Abattoir (Ft M9)
11) Black Skin, White Mask
12) Snow Freestyle (Blaspemy solo)
13)Arsenic (Ft Solar Black & Black prophet)
14)Paradise Lost
15) Who Cried For The Little Boy

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