Friday, 6 July 2012

Mr Vocab 'Juggling Sand'

Official video by Mr Vocab 'Juggling Sand' Taken from 'The Cataclysm' LP.
Produced by Hirolla.
Filmed, directed & edited by Zig
Available NOW from
plus most other leadng online stores.
Also available on CD.

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Nathan said...

Top drawer effort from a man who has been exhausting note pads for 16 years. Over that time he's honed his craft, served his apprenticeship.

The beauty of him being of West Country origin is that his influences are the golden age beats and rhymes he hungrily digested as a lad growing up, rather than the prevalent urban sound swamping mainstream radio. The result is a well produced, well rounded sound, layered on with witty rhymes and a very accomplished delivery. It has nods to a more innocent age for rap music and handles it's subject matter with aplomb.

Listening to a wordsmith of this calibre offers something new with each listen. The UK scene has a real gem here. I hope he gets the exposure he has worked hard to earn. Admittedly I've known the lad for a very long time, but as a hardened cinic brought up on a diet of late 80's early 90's rap, I've been pleasantly surprised by what Vocab has achieved here. Fu*king kudos mate. Very proud of you.