Thursday, 5 July 2012

On The Radar Volume 6

Hello guys it's been a real long time since we last posted a mixture of tracks entitled "On The Radar".

I think we need to do another one.

First off heres the deadline: Monday August 6th 2012

If we do recieve any tracks after that we will try to keep them for the next one.

Here are the submission rules

1. High Quality MP3's Only

2. Add a small bio, Photo and a litle info on the track in the email along with any links including your social media links

3. Entitle Your Email "On the Radar Submission". For obvious reasons

4. Make sure the track is allowed to be downloaded for free. I've had instances in the past when we have been told to take tracks down because they are going to be sold.

5. Attach your track to an email or an upload site and send the link.

6. Tracks should be clearly tagged in this Format: Artist name - Song Title & Featured Artists (Production Credits)

Thats about it really.

Good Luck Yall

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