Monday, 23 April 2007

Bone shakers...

Pic: The original bone shaker

The title of todays first track could prove to be extremely apt. I start a new job on Wednesday and although i'm looking forward to getting some dough, the possibility of going postal is never far away in part-time employment. It could be the mindless tedium, sucking away at your soul while forever burning the synapses of creativity so that the next time you come to write something all you can muster is 'Uhhhhhh, stuff n that?'. It could be the endless parade of customers who seem to ask you questions that although you know the answer to, you find it more amusing to feign ignorance. Either way, at least I have music to keep me sane. Which brings me to:

MP3: Busdriver - Kill Your Employer

No don't. Well, only if they really deserve it. Seriously though, don't. This track provides the bedrock of the post from which the other two songs cling to in the hope that they can live out their bassy dreams vicariously and hope to not get lost in the wash. Well that wouldn't happen because all songs posted on this site are pure quality. Busdriver has a good name and if this track is anything to go buy he will have a very bright future. More or less defines the Bone Shaker genre (which i just created).

MP3: R.A. The Rugged Man - Lessons

Self-professed legendary Rugged Man proves that not only can white men jump, they can spit a verse or two too. Having worked with a smorgasbord of Hiphop's leaders for years he released Die, Rugged Man, Die in 2004 and this is one of the singles taken from it. Whip smart lyrics combine with a slick beat and a delivery that bristles with talent. 'People wonderin where the fuck i been - at the VIP section they aint lettin me in'.

MP3: The Knife - Got 2 Let U (Paul Kallman Remix)

I'll leave the description of this track up to the boys of 20 Jazz Funk Greats, who descibe it far more eloquently (and vividly) than I ever could.

"Paul Kallman takes the bouncy elastic fun from the original and replaces it with speaker throbs in dark alleyways outside German techno-sex clubs. The beats sound like samples from bones snapping and it has this zombiefied Grandmaster Flash eating Crockett and Tubbs effect throughout. Pastel skies with arcs of blood spurting across in slow motion. Favouring the "male" vocals of the original gives it more sex-perv chic too. In short, its amazing."

Spill your brains then.

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Aidan said...

Yup Yup Yup, know the first two, other is unknown but very trustworthy!