Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Pigeon perfect

I’ve started getting jealous of my pal over at Eclectic Hermit, what with his wonderfully themed posts. My first themed post totally kills all of his though. Check this out readers: Pigeon related music! Ahhh man, I can’t tell you how proud of myself I am, I’ve totally excelled myself here. Never could so many genres come together and unite over what is basically a be-winged rat. This is a feast for any pigeon fancier, read and listen as I lay a tasty spread before you.

Goh Nakamura – Pigeon Toes

We’ll start off with the sensible, advice giving pigeon tune. Don’t go out wearing those shoes just cos they match your eyes girl. Wear the comfy ones and you’ll be happier later on, and so will everyone else.

Kid Creole & The Coconuts – Stool Pigeon

Funkeee! This tune is all about walking around just like our feathery fiends, you stick it on before you go out and get on down, but only for a hot minute mind.

Widespread Panic - Pigeons

This is the pigeon tune perfect for a summers evening (on your way into town for a pint) in your car with those windows rolled right down. A great funky rock tune complete with jammin’ organs, screaming guitars and superstition-esque grooves. You just hope there are no pigeons on your roof.

Colin MacIntyre – Pigeon fancier

You arrive at chosen pub and get comfortable in the beer garden, perfect. And then this tune comes on, so summery, so upbeat and so pigeony.

The Tradgically Hip – Pigeon Camera

That other pub starts blaring out songs about other sorts of birds so you decide it’s time to leave. Wise move because the pub three doors down has a live act playing beautifully melodic, bluesy tunes with dire straits lead guitar about something boring, but it’s OK as you and your mates spend your time wondering what in the world a pigeon camera is. If you know, please tell me.

Kent Newsome & Ronnie Jeffrey – I’m not your pigeon

The difference between a pigeon and a turtle dove is a fine one. Comparisons can obviously be drawn by country singers as a means of explaining how relationships break up when one of the couple make the mistake of misidentification. I’ve seen this happen on a night out, a pre-warning, don’t get drunk, you’ll end up with a pigeon who ‘craps all over you’ and not a beautifully cooing turtle dove. And that would be sad.

Cannibal Ox - Pigeon

Hip Hop night time, after all, that’s what we’re all here for isn’t it? The rap tunes.
You arrive early though, things haven’t heated up, some rookie DJ (probably me) is spinning some of the more alternative sounds from the world of beats and rhymes. You chill out and sip on a pint of Guinness (you figure you might as well complement the track with something equally as heavy and hard to stomach).

Pigeon John – Do the pigeon

Sure fire party starter. You’re now doing that dance, nodding head as practiced at home with Kid Creole. Your practice paid off, the floor is yours, of course, along with members of the opposite sex loving your moves. Clubs jumping now, but crikey, that bar is busy…you check out the other room to get a quick pint of water and maybe some Alize. (And yes, the DJ does play the obvious pigeon related Hip Hop track, and yes I do own it but no; it's not on here - you know that one already)

Venetian Snares – Masodik Galamb

Say what? Breakcore? Mentality in audio form! ‘Pigeon, why do you frighten me?’ You stay, some sort of eclectic mix going on here, ‘what’s next?’ you wonder whilst secretly hoping it’s another pigeon related track. You are initially disappointed until you discover the ridiculously stripped down but compelling electroness that has come on is actually…

Leopold Gregori – Pigeon dance

You know the score by now. Pigeons are everywhere in the music world, you wonder if they will appear at the festival you are attending tomorrow. (If you haven’t got it by now, they WILL appear at the festival tomorrow, the suspense is for effect only and you shouldn’t let it get to you)

Coach said not to – Be my pigeon

‘You are everywhere, everywhere’, funny we were just saying that last night, pigeons are certainly everywhere.

Urban Barnyard – Pigeon

Ok, this festival is called pigeonfest, who am I trying to kid? This not very up and coming garage band (in the sense that they practice in a garage) sing a lovely ode to our favourite bird.

Big Black – Pigeon kill

Amidst much cheering this electro-metal band grind out a song about…why am I bothering?

The Pigeon Detectives – I found out

Headliners and the next big thing are only there because of their name, great name though. Maybe pigeon detectives use pigeon cameras for taking pictures of evidence or specimens or something. Lovely slice of indie pop with oasis kind of guitar solos and a riff that sounds suspiciously like ‘Stand by me’, not the Oasis one though, the other one; you’ll see what I mean.

Alela Diane – Pigeon Song
Pigeon Hole – Cross-Eyed Leslie

Your on your way back from a tiring day listening to amazing pigeon associated music but you just need a couple more to chill out to and these two more than suffice.

If you’ve read all this, then you must be so bored. That or in love with our filthy flying friends. If you skipped to this last paragraph all I have to say is download this, and burn this CD in the same order as I have instructed. Let it fly you away.

P.S. – watch out for my next concept post based on raps obsession with a certain small furry creature.


Bec said...

Chinchillas by any chance?
That post is... astounding. xxx

Tom said...

"‘what’s next?’ you wonder whilst secretly hoping it’s another pigeon related track"

That's basically how I live my life! Amazing post, just needs the songs now. Venetian Snares is the next album of 2006 so keep a mistrustful pigeony eye out for it. I was listening to his track once at uni and a pigeon landed on my windowsill. So I filmed it.

Tom said...

And the header is immense! Nice motif of the speakwars getting blown. Make me a Hermity one!

Tom said...

And... Kicking Pigeons by Spunge is a classic track. 'Kicking pigeons in the park, we had to stop cos it got dark'!!