Saturday, 7 April 2007


Klashnekoff – Ocean Rooms, Brighton – Good Friday 2007

Should any one occurrence, object, person, or anything for that matter, be judged individually or in comparison to other similar occurrences, objects etc? There is no simple answer, in an ideal world I’m sure everything would be judged on its own merits and downfalls. In this world, however, we human beings tend to compare two or more occasions in order to rank our experiences. This is the only way I can approach reflection on the Klashnekoff gig.

I cannot divorce memories of other hip hop shows from recollections of last night. Saian Supa Crew were amazing, displaying tight knit cooperation combined with some superb visually and sonically stimulating beat boxing. 50 Cent brought everyone on G-unit, seeing Mobb Deep do Quiet Storm and Shook Ones pt. 2, M.O.P. do Ante Up and Cold as Ice and Ma$e do Mo Money, Mo problems were moments in my life that I never expected to happen (all on a free ticket too) and Jurassic 5’s show was just perfect in every single way (see my review here.) So how did K-lash measure up?

I would put Ricochet Klashnekoff on a par with aforementioned rappers and groups in that he has done as much for UK Hip Hop as SSC have for French Hip Hop, as 50 has done for commercialised, viable gangsta rap and as J5 have for bringing the golden era to the nineties and noughties. By no means has Klash been on the scene for the entire rise of UK Hip Hop but he has succeeded in becoming respected and recognisable and I’m sure has put in much hard work.

Klash took to the stage in some sort of drug induced trance. I say took to the stage, he was already on it really as the Ocean Rooms provides space only for the most intimate gigs, (no dressing rooms here) and almost immediately began to apologise for the absence of Kyza Smirnoff. Kyza seems to have really annoyed the remaining members of Terra Firma by notifying them via email of his departure, ouch, maybe he dumps girls by text too? Klashnekoff proceeded to dig himself into a hole about the whole saga and was met by comments like “Shut the F**k up and rap will you?”, so he did.

He rapped, he did a variety of tracks from ‘The Foundation’, ‘Focus Mode’ and ‘Lionheart: Tussle with the beast’. To be honest I don’t own The Foundation, a collective effort by Terra Firma and didn’t know those tracks but, I might buy it, I might not. I was surprised at the way some of the tracks from L:TWTB (Sounds like some sort of a gay organisation) went down, have people actually bought that CD yet? I am glad I went, it was worth it but I wasn’t impressed by his attitude (again, drug induced?) I felt sorry for ‘Bumberclart’ Skully and silently patient Skriblah for putting up with him, I’m not surprised Kyza left by email. Klash has a big ego manifested in his arrogance. He will remain a favourite MC but I wont be rushing out to witness him bumbling through what could loosely be called a set. Unless, that is, he takes a leaf out of a more mature artists book and finds out why people actually pay good money to see him.

I’ve been pretty harsh so far, and I’m sure he would hate me for pretty much everything I have to say. It seems he is not really friends with the internet community as too many people call him on there without actually ‘tess’ing’ him. I don’t want to test him, I love his recorded music, I continually to return to his tracks and enjoy them and I know that somewhere inside him there is more than just his knobbish front. Heartfelt songs such as My life, Son of Nia and Black rose show us that he is not all macho bravado-ness and this should come across more on stage. He should go see a Sway gig and see how he involves the crowd, how it’s possible to be friendly and successful as a rapper and how some things, especially things that are made for enjoyment (hip hop) should be light hearted and, well, just more happy.

All in all a good night out, if you like his tunes, go. Hearing them live is great, he has bangers mate, bare bangers, hearing Murda was brilliant, as was Sayonara (personal fave) and the Jamrock remix. Brap.

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Tom said...

Ah i got blazed! I'm not cool enough to listen to Rob Da Bank man he would blow my mind. I'll source out some boxfresh tunes for you then to show i'm still on my game. Good review, sounds a bit shenzi.