Thursday, 5 April 2007

Mass Hysteria

Z trip - Mass Hysteria

OK Tom, here's the track.
Chali 2na on Lateef the truth speaker and Z trips 'Mass Hysteria'. A dark dark beat, ominous in fact; with the most unfitting but haunting female vocal on the chorus. How do these MC's ride this beat so cooly? Wow!

TTC - Dans le club

Have this too whilst I'm at it. French electro mentalists TTC are in the club and it's big and dirty and quite french.

Macromantics - Madlymantics

Macromantics brings it heavy with this stuttered string sample, plein de scratching and a female rapper (I think from Oz), listen to that bass drop, lovely for your sub woofer. Check her out on

Booka Shade - In white rooms (neo mix)

And finally something more along the lines of Eclectic Hermit is this lovely slice of constantly building electro music. That vocal threatens throughout and never blossoms but the bleepy harmonies suffice and you might find yourself doing a little dance with your hands.
Thanks to Bec for the photo of the John Peel 'memurial' in Brighton.

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Tom said...

Yes yes, great post. I'm gonna have to do some solid work to match it. There's still some tunes up the Hermit's sleeve though. Booka Shade - what a track!