Thursday, 14 June 2007


I wondered when this would happen; my two interests have collided. I've been skating (at the moment I'm out due to injury and physio) for 11 years now and I've been into Hip Hop for a similar amount of time. Now I'm not so much into the whole Dipset thing, I like a couple of Juelz Santana tracks but that's about it, but if they want to put money into the skating game then that's fine by me.

The one gripe I do have is this: Why do away with the name we've been happily calling it for all those years (Rollerblading) and giving it some jumped up fancy name; Freestyle Rolling? Yes it describes it well, but it's nothing new Jim.

Anyway Calvin Sayles and Ramelle Knight seem to be holding it down, not sure on the Evisu jeans but each to their own.

P.S. Do you think I could join? ^^^ Hmmm...not black enough.

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Mr. Real Talk said...

lol dipskate's cool. i like how they bring the street hip hop aditude to a mainly punk/rock world. they should make up some new tricks... imagine a gun lip stall! or a 360 while throwing cocaine around! that would look so cool LOL!