Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Top 100...

Yeah it's coming along nicely for all those who don't care 'cause the only people who seem to come to my blog come because of an image search result for pigeon. Stupid pigeons.

There are now 72 of the required tunes safely in an itunes playlist, some are proving tricky to find. Anyway, once I've got them all, I'll probably post them in tens, in reverse order. For those who were wondering how the top 100 SINGLES were decided:

-the top 100 was compiled from [HHC readers votes], those of Hip-Hop Connection's writing staff and a quick poll of a few valued professionals. One crucial point though...is that all entries from 2001 onwards were disqualified. Why? Because a single's real test is whether it can transcend the place and time it was released in and enjoy a life of it's own. All our top 100 clearly have.


NathSeth said...

Oh, also, get this
Ha, ghost ride the whip! Do it

Mr. Real Talk said...

haha yeah a lot of my hits are from image searches too... but for dipset. yeah i dunno?

Renato Pagnani said...

What other songs are you missing?