Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Round ups and Thank yous

Thank you to everyone who has supported this blog so far! Due to sitemeter I'm fully on top of who's coming and going and from which pages they come via links. Thanks to all the other bloggers out there who keep me informed and up to date and for putting links on your pages. It's really nice to see that people actually want to hear about and hear the music that I like. Special mentions to Eclectic Hermit and Snow Day Music and basically all of the other blogs on my links, take time to check them all out! It's great to see readers from the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Africa, Finland and name a few. If you have a minute please leave me a comment!

I have heard the Beastie Boys new album and in my humble opinion it is fabulous, just what I was expecting (once I knew it was to be all instrumental). Don't ask me how I got it, but it is out there somewhere and I will be buying a copy when it's out. Trust me, I cannot have an incomplete collection of Beastie Boys albums!

I think I will begin posting the Top 100 Rap Tunes (according to HHC) quite soon as it seems people are chomping at the bit, I know people are checking back for it! So watch this space, literally.

If you like Hip Hop mixtapes and don't mind trawling through piles of trash from the likes of Dipset, Fiddy and all of those guys who release everything that isn't worth putting on a proper album, you can find some quality stuff at Datpiff. I've sorted myself out with some weekend listening from there this week.

I've thoroughly enjoyed writing on here and I look forward to writing alot more. The Collabo Connections series seems to be promising a fat load of posts as does the Top 100.


Unknown said...

links to mp3's not working dude

Mr. Real Talk said...

sitemeter's great eh? lol but yeah keep up the good work!

Tom said...

ha don't worry there's no animality. Nor is there any animosity!

a bit of processed beef never hurt anyone, but let's say we have spam, cos it's not for real.