Sunday, 10 June 2007

Missing Tracks *updated*

For those who like doing good deeds and helping out fellow rap fans here is the list of tracks from the Top 100 that are still missing:

OC - Time's up
Mos Def - Ms. Fat Booty (Tom?)
De la Soul - Plug tunin' (Really should have this album!)
Ultramagnetic MC's - Watch me
Hardnoise - Untitled
Rammellzee vs. K-Rob - Beat Bop
Big Daddy Kane - Wrath of Kane
Brand Nubian - Punks jump up to get beat down
T la Rock - Breaking Bells
Dr. Dre and Snoop - Deep Cover
BDP - Poetry
Slick Rick - La-Di-Da-Di (Used to have this but lost it!)
Run DMC - Runs house
Hijack - Style warriors Revenge
EPMD - Headbanger
A Tribe Called Quest - Description of a fool
Blak Twang - Red Letter Day
Mantronix - The Bassline
Just Ice - Cold getting dumb

I haven't had time to look for all of them yet but if you do have them and want to upload them somewhere and then send me a link i'd be grateful!


Tom said...

yeah man i can hook you up with ms fat booty, in fact you should have the whole album cos it's bare good.

AaronM said...

Can I email you some? I have most of these.