Tuesday, 8 July 2008

'The Bigg Hitter' is coming!

To add to my last post about 10Shott's 'Talking American' (from forthcoming album 'Groundbreaker... A Di Real') featuring on Ras Kwame's show and Homegrown podcast I have this news:

'The Bigg Hitter' is due to be finished this Friday! Choice FM DJ 279 (a massive tastemaker in the game) will be checking it out in the studio this week and I'll be getting an exclusive listen once it's finished.

I've already heard one track from this mixtape entitled 'Comic Book Thug' and compared to the tracks on 'Groundbreaker' (review coming sometime soon) it's much heavier, grimier and way more 'street'. On 'Comic Book Thug' Tenny effortlessly bridges gaps between the new UK sound and the old hardcore East Coast sounds of the late 80's and early 90's. With a huge crunching beat and 10Shott's ultra-entertaining wordplay this is sure to appeal to fans worldwide AND genre-wide.

I'm unsure as to the terms of the release of 'The Big Hitter'; it may be free for download, it may be purchase-able but you can count on me to let you know can't you?

It's about that time, if you haven't already to backtrack and listen to 10Shott's past work so you know where he's come from when 'Groundbreaker' explodes. I'd recommend getting Vicious Circle's album ('Bagged Out'), 10Shott's 'Ghetto Brick Road' mixtape and Wolftown Committee's album 'Legendary Status'. You could also go and download both 'Tin Soldiers' and 'Memory Blank' as well as taking a trip to his myspace page and downloading Ras Kwame's latest Homegrown podcast.

In other 10Shott news, Guy, 10Shott's manager and Zy Records owner, has just signed No.1 chart topper Elli from Latvia and Tenny has just co-written and recorded a collaboration with her due for release in Russia in 6 weeks. Elli's last 2 songs went to No.1 so no doubt with 10Shott on board it'll be big too.

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