Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Rising Styles Block Party this Saturday!

This is happening on Saturday so if you're around that part of the country, get to it! I'll be in that part of the country and if there aren't too many wedding plans to be made, I might be there!

As you can see the guestlist is brilliant and even if you can't see that, take it from me - it is.

There are certified UK veterans and legends in there - Skinnyman, Blak Twang, Jehst, Million Dan. There's some foreigners - Kidz in the Hall and Emmanuel Jal. There are Brighton's natives - Koaste, Enlish, Witchdoctor Wise. There are the trendy types - Soweto Kinch and Sway.

There's something for everyone here, even if you don't normally like Hip Hop. There will be a great atmosphere; something which Brighton is well known for so be sure to quit your jobs if they don't give you the time off!

It kicks off at 12 (that's lunchtime) and it's only a fiver if you book in advance.

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