Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Remixes, Tasters, Free Albums and Good Tracks

Logarhythmik has created this delightful remix of that track Kanye, Nas and KRS One did for Nike. 'Better Than I've Ever Been' is the remix and 'Classic' was the DJ Premier original and as much as it pains me to say this, I think I like this remix more. Don't get me wrong I love Premo's original production but maybe this has just refreshed it and made it new again. Thumbs up.

The P Brothers, Nottinghams most famous Bronxians have given you and I a taster of their next album 'The Gas' which will be out in August. It seems to feature a few American voices and it does it's job well, it certainly whets my appetite.

United Centa are Mick Luter, Big Wiz and Rashid Hadee and 'Under The Act' has a great 90's feel to it. These , and other Chicagoans are really making a bid for the Hip Hop capital at the moment, I'm hearing lots of good things. This has some nice laid back production and features a simple chorus that appeals to my ears.

Wax, an MC from Cali by way of Baltimore is a pretty vicious rhymer whose recorded output is surprisingly chilled and thoughtful. 'The Adventures of Larry and Tina' is an attention grabbing story rap that still has some great rhymes. Anyways, this is a track off a project he is working on with a bloke called Elements of Music, it's going to be called Wax and EOM present: "For All I know He's An Asshole".

Jelani, son of old skool Hip Hop stylist Dapper Dan has an album up for grabby grabs. It's called 'Wait, You Can Rap?!?!'. It sounds like this album is a real summertime affair - it's got a West Coast laziness to it at the same time as having an East Coast hunger. If you want a good time vibe, largely unoffensive lyrics and some cooooool production then it's right click, left click, save target as.

On a more souful tip but as equally as free you can have Kam Moye's 'Self Centered EP'. You may know this man as Supastition, which ever moniker, it's the same guy. Yeah, the EP is quite self centred but he puts himself across well and it makes for an interesting listen. As a whole sound, this is Hip Hop in one of it's lovelier forms and bumping this will leave you feeling more complete than a listen through most 'Hip Hop' albums on the popular shelves at the moment.

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