Monday, 27 July 2009

'Audible Amelioration EP' - Audible Amelioration (free download)

No, I can't pronounce the name either but Audible Amelioration have named their EP after themselves so you'll have to get used to it! This is another bandcamp drop (stream the EP there) and is available to download for free from their myspace site.

The EP features a few nice UK guests who you'll be familiar with - Farma G and Brad Strut as well as DJ Para and Billy Butler Yeats (whose 'BounceBackAbility' Album is on its way). Most of the tracks are helmed by American MC Coherent Motion (or C-Motion) and the beats by Odious Din, Abject Theory and Relent are three things - quality, heavy and varied.

Relent's 'I Sit Alone' displays a hungry-as-ever Farma G alongside Billy Butler Yeats, C-Motion and DJ Para and Abject Theory's 'Stage is Set (alos with C-Motion) will smack you round the face - for real.

To download it there are three separate zip files on the left hand site of their myspace page.

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