Friday, 3 July 2009

'We Don't Want Them' - Lowkey (single review)

"Can't blame immigrants for the state of the economy, some come here from former British Colonies/ Some come here to escape British foreign policy/ You make a mockery of democracy and equality" - no guesses who Lowkey is talking about on his latest single, 'We Don't Want Them'.

Yup, it's the BNP and he gets it pretty spot on - apart from the name of the track and this: "They scream freedom of speech but I won't let these cowards..." - if we want freedom of speech then they must have it too, it's just sad that people like the British 'Nazi' Party exist in the first place.

The track is awesome, The Last Skeptik's production is menacingly funky and futuristic, and Lowkey's brand of politics is accessible to all. The track is being released in association with Love Music Hate Racism and Lowkey will be donating all profits from the single to LMHR. The track is out on Monday 6th July and LMHR is a very worthy cause - people of the same mind of Lowkey need to make their voice heard and LMHR really does that in a positive way. Get involved - there's power in numbers - something the BNP does not have. Download it now from itunes.

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