Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Organix #1: 'Summer Holidays'

This is Organix, set up by Simple Samples boys Dweller and Scrabble, and who better to explain Organix than Dweller himself?

"Basically, I want to let MCs download a beat from my site, and they are given a certain amount of time to write lyrics over a topic decided by us. For example, write so many bars about where in the UK you are from and what it is like.

There will be a scoreboard up and points will be given for sick stuff, when all the rhymes are in we will film a vid of them and people in the room will listen to it etc. All entries will be available as a mixed mp3 avaibly shortly after for free download."

Nice concept eh? Well check the vid and see whose verse you think is best. Choose between Mal, Beit Nun, 777, Dweller, Suicyde, Joe D, Trick and Scrabble and then head on over to the Organix myspace to cast your vote and to check out the beat for the second installment - you could even get involved!

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