Saturday, 30 January 2010

Recommended Listening: Lewis Parker, Reggiimental, Fallacy & Ramson Badbonez

Lewis Parker is always going to be a UK Boom Bap fan's favourite. He's long gone from these shores but is still doing his thing. 'The Unseen Trap', which will be released on the HHV.DE label, continues his penchant for espionage-tinged beats and concepts with the title track seeing him team up with John Robinson, an American MC who is nowhere near as plain as his name sounds. 'International Hitmen' is a solo track (and I think, my favourite) and 'Super Scientific Weapons' features Eastkoast and Tah Born. IT's coming out on download and 10" vinyl - I highly recommend that you get it when it's out on 26th February.

Reggiimental's album 'Something For The Strive' has some really great tracks on it - my two favourites are 'For The Life' and 'Weighing My Brain' - two very different tracks. I love the former for its use of a favourite Paul Simon track ('Mother and Child Reunion') - Baby J (who also produces on this album) will be kicking himself for not getting his hands on this one - props to Swift 89 for the production. Not forgetting to mention that Reggii, SC and Brisko do the tune justice with their delivery. 'Weighing My Brain' features and is produced by Gadget, it also features Unfriendly Neighbours - a West Coast type beat with some chat about women and a silky sung chorus. 'Grown Ups' is an old favourite of mine and 'Family Life' featuring Cipher J.E.W.E.L.S. is a tune too - inspiration for a dad-to-be. You can download this album for free here.

Fallacy, another UK legend in my eyes (if you haven't before, check his album 'Blackmarket Boy') has dropped a little download-only EP 'Gracefull In Death' (spelling mistake artist's own) mainly produced by Strategy of Broke 'n' £nglish. On 'Once Upon A Time' he chats about his past and how he got to where he is now - a different story to most. 'One For One' is a dubstep-ish banger and the rest of the beats are the type of hybrids that Fallacy is used to riding. Fallacy sounds hungry - hopefully this won't actually be his last. Scratch up a few quid to buy this.

Another freebie now: I'm not sure when Ramson Badbonez and DJ Gone sleep - they are constantly putting out more music and videos and all of that. Their latest collaborative effort is a mixtape collecting together some of Raomsons recent freestyles: 'Bone Marrow Vol. 1'. If you've heard Ramson Badbonez spit before then you'll be clamouring to download this, if not, download it and check one of the UKs most entertaining MCs doing his thing.


SniperInTheMist said...

Fallacy needs to hook back up with Fusion to create some more "groundbreakers". Blackmarket Boy was superb. Shame he never really ever followed it up.

RustyJay said...

props to you famo ! really !