Sunday, 29 May 2011

Mr Flex - Nothin to Prove EP

Mr Flex of Chosen Spokesman released this free EP a week or 2 ago Hartigan posted the title track a couple months back and warned you keep 'em peeled, youve only got yourselves to blame. Flex gets a gaggle of the best producers in the UK on board to provide a solid backdrop for him to call out all those soft cats and explore the ills of his Londinium community. Chemo, Kelakovski and Beat Butcha deliver the goods as youd expect while Risk Beats does well to slip into the fold with such heavy hitters. Album closer 1000 Deaths features Iron Braydz and Ransom Badbonez on irrepressible form. The EP is easy on play back and holds up against the more prolific artists coming out of London at the moment its cut hooks and dark themes make for a cohesive listen with very few lapses in quality. Follow the player below to Flexs bandcamp page to D/L the EP for free

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