Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Soldjasoulz - Your Mum Loves Reggae

A new EP here from a duo that have been posted previously on Certified Banger over the years. They go by the name of Soldjasoulz.

Soldjasoulz consist of Redeye and DPF. DPF is a name you should already be familiar with having made a huge mark on the scene over the years. His release ‘It will Never Catch On’ , released via Son records, went on to receive number 39 position in Hip Hop Connections top 40 albums of the year back in 2008.

As for Redeye he has also been mentioned on this blog for his work with Chronicredeye. The release ‘Knowledge is King’ featured Main Flow and Bronze Nazareth and Redeye has also teamed up with Hell Razah. Definatly names to be proud of sharing beats with.

This release ‘Your Mum Loves Reggae’ is a five track EP showcasing the two MCs over beats ranging from dancehall to rap. Each MC brings their own style and both impress with flows and bars throughout. The standout track for me is ‘Blaze it up’, a summer anthem for anyone who enjoys a good smoke. Franko Fraize features on the track ‘Now Sush’ and Tricksta shows up for production duties on ‘Heavy Manners’.

This has already received an impressive number of plays in the little time it has been online.

Go have a listen your self and see what all the fuss is about.


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