Sunday, 8 May 2011

Chattabox & Samuel Otis - Hard Graft

I've been bumping this mixtape from Chattabox & Samuel Otis for the last couple of weeks. This release is a follow up to the free mixtape Stupid O'Clock, that dropped just over a year ago.

As a duo, they bring a pretty unique sound, with Chattabox coming from the north east, and Otis from the south west. As virtually all the production is original, this is probably nearer an album than a mixtape, and barring a few misplaced features, it could pass for album quality as well. As with their work with Dialect & Lowercase, Chattabox & Otis always have some very catchy hooks, and melodic flows. At only 3 quid, this release is well worth your hard earned.

There should be more collaborations between artists from different sides of the country. The varied accents give the project a unique flavour, and help keep tracks interesting from one verse to the next.

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