Friday, 20 May 2011

Cons - June Bug Soon Come... free D/L

Conspicuous or Cons as hes currently goin under has put in alot of work and put out some classic material in his time, from gems like Therapy with the legendary Colony to anthems like Want Me Back hes always delivered that authentic, soulfull, true school sound. June Bug Soon Come offers a taster of his next LP proper ''June Bug'' that will be released on June the 6th, bet you didnt see that coming. Cons reunites with Colony members willo, smurf and grimlock as well as regular collaborators seanie t and TB. Cons hasnt slept on the production either with Apa-Tight, 7th Dan, Jabba Tha Kut and himself on the beats. After a quick 1st listen I wasnt dissapointed at all Cons doesnt shift to far from his usual autobiographical social commentary, hes quick to cut a popstar down and always seeking recognition and respect. The dude knows how to pick and make a dope beat too he also works-in original and catchy hooks often blending vocal samples to great effect. As a LP this mixtape is pretty good as a free mixtape, proberly consisting of tracks that didnt make the album cut, this is exceptional and free HERE

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