Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Any Beat Will Do...

Whodathunkit? Kid got a concept: get hipster tracks, rhyme over them, make mixtape. Job done. Good one. But is it? Yes!

So Ced emailed me with a link and a track list on some confident, self promotion ish. Being a sucker for free, new music I raced over to zshare to download his mixtape ‘Ced & The Technicolour Soundwave’; good name huh? His aim here is to take music that he loves and to combine it all together into one genre; he has hit the centre of the target.

Ced’s vocals are VERY reminiscent of Lupe Fiasco’s but in my opinion that’s a good thing, what’s even better is the fact that he’s about ten times more lyrically adept than Lupe. Tracks such as the ‘We are your Friends’ sampling ‘Friends don’t let Friends use Protection’ and the Stereolab sampling ‘Sunset Round up the Galaxy’ work particularly well; both providing a different vibe to the other. The introduction track may yet prompt me to listen to the million time posted by bloggers Interpol as Ced flips one of their tracks so well. Not only does Ced rob beats from the likes of Interpol, Justice vs. Simian, Mark Ronson, Kasabian and Daft Punk (amongst others), he produces his own tracks too. One that stands out is the classic Hip Hop James Brown sampling ‘My Cool is the Envy of the Iceman’; a nattily produced track about how cool Ced thinks he is.

This mixtape is free so whatever you do, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, accept this present because he could be the future. You would do well to download this and not bother with the whole Kanye/50 scenario; I’m not sure Joseph would approve but he was a greater man than I.

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