Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Slim Pickings

Slim Pickings Zshare File (10 tracks)

Love him or hate him he’s still the biggest thing that happened to music in the last 10 years. Notoriety has got him to where he is now; broken down but rich. I’m not going to analyse the highs and lows of Em’s life nor am I going to praise or diss him; enough people have done both of those already.

Everlast (aka White E Ford of House of Pain) has, as far as I can tell, never liked Eminem. On Dilated Peoples ‘Ear Drums Pop Remix’ Everlast said his piece about Slim:

“I’ll buck a 380 on ones that act shady/I’m original…You know you aint the
one that rep peckerwood status/I’ll bust that ass, keep your eyes on the
floor/What you come in here for/son, you know the law/let’s take you back to the
house…expose your panties for the world to see/you can’t rep it like me…you must
be crazy or just plain dumb/you’d catch a beat down where I come from”

Ooof. Eminem responded with the destroying 'I remember' and now White E returns on ‘Whitey’s Revenge’ with an entire track ‘dedicated’ to Slim on which he spits a whole bunch of wrathful grapes.

This guy seems to have turned from fan to hater as a result of his dealings with Em. Kyle Spratt allegedly robbed Kim’s phone to get Eminem’s number so he could play him his demo. I’m guessing this track isn’t the one he wanted to play but a reaction to the situation. Anyway, this track just sounds like Eminem; voice to production. Oh, and also check out the way that guy says ‘Yeah’ when Kyle asks him if he called the cops on him! 'Slim Sellout'

Eminem has caught the wrong end of the fundamentalist Christian stick but KJ-52, a Christian rapper (who does sound like Em), made the most Christ-like response possible in the form of these two tracks: ‘Dear Slim’ and ‘Dear Slim 2’. Based around the ‘Stan’ concept of a letter written to Eminem these tracks really display true Christian concern and love for someone who is need of a Saviour.

KJ echoes my thoughts:

“See I heard your first album, it’s called Infinite/I shook my head cos nowadays
you sounding different (way different)”
Check out this track from Infinite: ‘313’. This is classic Eminem in top form before his voice got more annoying and when he rhymed lyrically for hip hop and not for commercial success. Also check out ‘Any Man’ from Soundbombing 2, the Rawkus compilation, for some original Slim stylings. If you haven’t already heard and appreciated ‘The Slim Shady LP’ go buy it because the album is pure quality. Then don’t buy any more of his albums.

And for fun…

A Bob the Builder/Eminem mashup, an Eminem/Benny Hill mashup and an Eminem/M.O.P./Queen mashup (“We will, we will… rock you in the face, stab your brain with your nose bone”).

In case you couldn’t tell…I am a big fan of Em’s earlier music but not of his later stuff. I like his film and how he was portrayed in that, I warmed to him again after that. I feel sorry for how his life has turned out and I’m with KJ in pretty much every way that he details.