Thursday, 13 September 2007

What Come Around (Go Around, Kid) #2

At number 10 we branched and the first option for the tenth track was N.O.R.E and Kanye West with ‘Ima Get You’. In 10 tracks we’ll cross the pond to London, take the seacat to the land of frogs legs and snails and then hop right back to Rodney P.

Download this lot here all zipped up

11. Kanye West had a big hit with the Shirley Bassey sampling ‘Diamonds (from Sierra
Leone)’, a bigger hit for me is the remix with Jay-Z…”Yup, I got it it from here

12. On what was supposedly Jay-Z’s departing album a different producer was
drafted in for each track. One of these was the most reliable 9th Wonder who
produced the excellent ‘Threat’.

13. 9th Wonder got together with Murs to make the underground smash – Murs 3:16: The 9th Edition. Pick of the bunch is title track ‘3:16’.

14. Murs, who seems to tirelessly put out music, featured on the Z-Trip produced ode to cartoons and cereal ‘Breakfast Club’ with Supernatural.

15. Z-Trip gave us ‘Something Different’ by getting Chali 2na, Keno-1 and The Hermit to guest on the same track.

16. Chali 2na, who seems to have his fingers liberally dipped in a few pies at the moment, features alongside Roots Manuva on the lyrically awesome ‘Join the Dots’.

17. Roots Manuva took a trip to France to join Saian Supa Crew on their international version of ‘X-Raisons’, this genius manoeuvre (sorry) resulted in ‘Hey Yo My Man’.

18. Saian Supa Crew featured on a remix of Mark B & Blade’s ‘The Unknown’.

19. Mark B & Blade did alright for themselves and UK Hip Hop in general when they released the album ‘The Unknown’, guess who featured on ‘We Stay Rough’? Yup, Rodney P.

20. Finally, the 20th track, from Rodney’s ‘The Future’ full length is ‘I Believe’ featuring Olivia Chaney.

Whadya think ‘o that then? I reckon you could do that with most semi known artists, have a go yourself.


Tom said...

Pow! You truly are a head my lad, and have proved it in a most scientific fashion.

DJ Rafael Hulme said...

Hey this is a truly epic list! Could you repost it or send me a link? HUGE ups from VT!