Wednesday, 12 September 2007

What Come Around (Go Around, Kid) #1

*Fixed link to the .rar*

The ‘Collabo Connections’ series had me so deep in links to other artists that I was floundering and almost choking on it as I struggled to keep my head above surface. This is an evolved species of ‘Collabo Connections’, most of it’s DNA is the same but there are significant changes. The skeleton of this new creature is the same: the songs are linked by collaborations but the flesh is altogether different. The skin of ‘What Come Around…’ is a list of 20 tracks that link in sequence and end up with the same artist that the list began with. There are no strict rules; it can be cross-genre and it can link through artist, featuring artist or producer so long as there is a clear connection between each track in sequence. If you don’t get it you’ll pick it up as we go along:

Download the whole funky chunk here

To link in with ‘Collabo Connections 3’ I thought I’d start off with...

    1. Rodney P: I Don’t Care (Time to Party) featuring Mystro.

    2. Mystro did a track with Braintax entitled ‘On the Road’ which can be found on Low Life Record’s superb ‘Life Before 40’ compilation.

    3. Braintax, on his excellent ‘Birofunk’ LP, recorded ‘Riviera Hustle’ alongside Jehst.

    4. Jehst and Huddersfield’s favourite rapping son Asaviour got together to make ‘People Under The Weather’ to feature as the penultimate track on Jehst’s ‘Return of the Drifter’ set.

    5. Asaviour (along with Jehst on the production boards) created the totally banging ‘Money in the Bank’, the even more banging remix of which only features Yungun and Kyza doens't it?!

    6. On the excellent ‘The Essance’ album Yungun and Lewis Parker collaborated to bring us ‘The Big Idea’.

    7. Lewis Parker worked with Klashnekoff twice on ‘It’s all Happening Now’, the better of the two tracks being the title track ‘It’s all Happening

    8. Klashnekoff blagged (and deservedly so) a partnership with the legendary Kool G Rap and produced the rugged ‘Terrorise The City’ (also featuring Kyza).

    9. Kool G Rap hooked up with Capone ‘n’ Norega on the 'Rawkus Soundbombing Volume 3' for the nod inducing, vocoder utilising affair that is ‘My Life’.

This is where the list branches, enabling me to show you two different ways to complete this circular.

10. Norega is also known as N.O.R.E and under this guise we have ‘Ima Get You’ featuring the hype magnet, Kanye West.


10. N.O.R.E, with his bullying mates Jadakiss and Kurupt, made the scarily but hilariously titled and chorused track ‘Throw ‘Em Under The Bus’.

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