Tuesday, 29 January 2008

10Shott, Gnarls Barkley and HERO

Now the man 10Shott has a 'Black Boys' verse. His verse outlines his doubts about what we know of African history and shouts out black mothers for raising the black boys.

10Shott - Black Boys Remix.mp3

In other news, Gnarls Barkley announced the name of their second album. 'The Odd Couple' is currently being recorded in LA and features live instrumentation from live instrumentalists. Although this may sound crazy (sorry, it just happened) after their debut set 'St. Elsewhere' which featured sample based tracks, Danger Mouse is no stranger to working with real instruments. As you all probably know some of his most famous work in the realms of pop music is with Damon Albarn's 'Gorillaz' and on 'Ghetto Pop Life' (a project on Lex Records with Jemini) he commands a whole choir for the cod-operatic introduction.

Another Hip Hop collaboration that has found it's way to me (directly from the group) is the excellent forthcoming project from HERO. HERO is a group consisting of Darp Malone and E-Dot who are getting ready to release their LP on Feb 26th. They sent me two tracks, 'Mogadishu' and 'Be Aware'. 'Mogadishu' is actually very like Gnarls Barkley sonically, think that crossed with 'Hey Ya' and most tracks by K-Os. If you like any of those songs, or songs driven by guitar strumming and claps, then this is really for you. If that sound a bit too poppy for you, have no fear because the lyrics are hard. 'Be Aware' scans like a conversation between two people and is a very quirky slice of up-to-date Hip Hop, if you like Hi-Tek's productions and intelligent, original rhyme schemes check this project out, I certainly intend to.


Be Aware.mp3

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