Friday, 11 January 2008

I can't believe I haven't...

...told you about Suspect Packages. As their slogan says it is 'the one stop shop for UK Hip Hop', and it really is. Nothing worthwhile will go unnoticed by Disorda which means that if its from the UK, is Hip Hop and has been released on any format (even mp3) then you can get it here. Its also better designed than any other online music retailer; where else can you hear a mp3 sample of every UK Hip Hop track as and when it's released?

Disorda is a lucky man, he gets to listen to all this Hip Hop and as a result he does three things well:

a) he runs a well stocked shop - you can get 12"s, CD's, Mixtapes, T-Shirts, Magazines, information, reviews, top 1o's and samples all for the price of an internet connection, which obviously, you have,

b) compilation CD's - which you can buy, surprisingly, at He's currently on number 4.

d) radio shows - you can download the podcast too which means you get to keep on your hard drive his pick of the best current UK tunes. The latest one can be downloaded here (on their new blog) and he's even written down the tracklist for you there. This particular show brings you great tracks from Blak Twang, Shameless, Asaviour, Farma G (of Task Force), Braintax, Jehst, Terra Firma and loads more quality UK artists. It's all neatly introduced via an exclusive track from The IRS so you know it's gonna be good when it kicks off with them.

It was good to see a familiar underground name on the playlist too; that of the Tactical Thinking Crew. Part of the TT crew is made up of Surreal Knowledge/SK Crew. When I was at uni I had a weekly Hip Hop night in the SU Bar and SK were kind enough to bless that one night with mad freestyles, turntablism and a boisterous live set.

The first time I saw them was when they supported Adam F in Preston and they totally ripped it there. I still remember their track that went along the lines: 'If you go down to the clubs today' that was set to the tune of 'Teddy Bears Picnic'. Then I heard Mr. Dick and Stoopid Ill aka Derogatory on 'Stealing', an LP by the Funky Fresh Few that was released on Mark Rae's Grand Central Records. Check their myspace page for some hot new tracks that will raise a smile and set your feet a-tapping, that's if you're not just straight wiling out.

Here's a video of them on some TV show, this will give you a good taste of what they are like both live and in person:

Now...if you didn't already download that Suspect Packages radio show, do it now and fast forward to around 15 minutes in. The Tactical Thinking track produced by Naive is so, so, SO heavy! Jay Madden and Mic Dyson rip, rip, RIP it up! Yes, yes, YES! Then a bit later on the whole TT crew smash it on 'Dusk til Dawn', all them SK blokes are heavy.

Surreal Knowledge and Tactical Thinking are defo ones to look out for and the man Disorda agrees!

Surreal Knowledge - Here Come The British


UK Patriot said...

ye men safe, i was in keighley on boxin day at a family party, it only took bout 1 hour to get there, u should get over for the gig man, aswell as the asaviour & dj iq gig on 2nd feb, iv got a comment box on my blog main page if u wanna leave comments in there, ill notice them quicker lol, anyway respect 4 the comment
UK Patriot

Anonymous said...

u linked it wrong

b) compilation CD's - which you can buy, surprisingly, at

one love for Disorda