Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Myspace is still good for one thing and that's the music. This is the first time I've noticed them actually paying artists to provide free downloads and here's to hoping they continue along these lines. (Click the banner for the link)
Freshly Mixed is a good site for downloading mixes by your favourite DJ's and artists. For example, here's one with Prof Green and Ghetto. (Click the pink tape for a link)

On that tip, The Beats, the label that is home to The Streets, The Mitchell Brothers, Professor Green and Example is closing down. Check the news over at the HHC blog. You can download their last mixtape 'Absolutely Dame Judi Dench' here or you can buy a copy from the HHC website.

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Unknown said...

another good site for mixes is http://www.newmixes.com/

: )